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VandalSoft Introduces Insect Management Platform for High Efficiency Insect Mass Breeding

VandalSoft, a company specializing in insect smart farming, has unveiled its integrated insect farming management platform called “Insect Hub.” The Insect Hub is a web service that allows real-time monitoring and control of insect farming environments via PC and mobile devices by integrating existing insect smart farms.

With the recent surge in the popularity of exotic pets like reptiles, there has been an increase in demand for feeder insects such as crickets and mealworms. However, efficient rearing of these insects can be challenging, and crickets, in particular, have faced shortages due to virus outbreaks.

The Insect Hub allows users to monitor and control various farming environment conditions such as temperature and humidity in insect-rearing rooms. It can also integrate and control devices like heating and cooling systems, humidifiers, ventilation fans, and lighting. Additionally, users can easily track the status of insects being reared and receive alerts for optimal harvesting times, making it highly popular among insect farms adopting smart farming practices.