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VandalSoft develops customized environmental control devices for farms.

Remote-controllable devices for environmental control such as air conditioning, humidifiers, and ventilators are now available at half the cost, thanks to the recent development by VandalSoft.

VandalSoft announced on the 2nd that they have developed devices that allow remote control of various environmental factors necessary for agriculture, such as temperature, humidity, air quality (fine dust, carbon dioxide, VOC), and water supply, by connecting them to devices that control air conditioning, humidifiers, and ventilators.

In the past, the high cost and difficult wiring work required for the construction of smart farms made it challenging for small-scale farms to adopt such technology. However, the newly developed devices can be simply plugged into an outlet, significantly lowering the barriers to entry for smart farms.

These devices can be integrated with the smart farm management platform ‘Insect Hub,’ allowing farmers to easily monitor farm environments both inside and outside the farm.

VandalSoft stated, “There is a perception among farmers that building a smart farm requires a high investment. However, by simply introducing remote environmental control devices, farmers can establish a high-level smart farm at a fraction of the cost.” They added, “By applying this technology, farmers can significantly improve crop production efficiency at a cost that is less than half of what it would typically take to install advanced equipment.”