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PetToday & VandalSoft Sign MOU for Joint Cooperation in Pet Food Development

PetToday, represented by Lee Sung-ho, a lifestyle brand for pets, and VandalSoft, represented by Lee Bong-hak, a company specializing in automated optimization solutions for edible insect farming environments, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to jointly pursue the development of pet food.

PetToday is a company that produces various innovative products for pets, while VandalSoft has developed smart farm technology to address the challenges of manual farming and facilitate easy insect farming. This technology enables automatic control and management of insect farming environments, leading to easier farm management and increased productivity by reducing mortality rates. Utilizing “VandalHub” and “TwinStarFarm Connect,” which allow remote farm management, breeders can conveniently manage farming devices.

Through this MOU, PetToday aims to collaborate with VandalSoft in conducting joint R&D for the development and market exploration of pet food in the Vietnamese market. Leveraging VandalSoft’s expertise in insect smart farm technology, the development of pet food is expected to create synergy between the two companies and foster sustainable growth in the Vietnamese market.

Lee Sung-ho, CEO of PetToday, stated, “We will collaborate with VandalSoft to develop innovative pet food for a successful entry into the Vietnamese market. Through continuous cooperation, we will expand our market presence.”

Lee Bong-hak, CEO of VandalSoft, expressed, “We anticipate overcoming technological limitations and finding opportunities in new markets through this collaboration. By leveraging our expertise and farming experience, we will develop high-quality pet food to enhance the brand value of both companies. Additionally, in the Vietnamese market, we plan to establish cricket farming farms and introduce our smart farm solutions to produce food using locally produced edible insects for distribution.”