Insect breeding rack

Insect breeding rack is specialized in breeding a variety of insects, including crickets. 

Insect breeding rack maintains optimal environment for growth of insects with equipments such as sensors and watering devices.

The insect breeding rack maintains the Optimal breeding conditions and methods for every farming facility.

The Insect Breeding Rack is a device equipped with smart farming technology specialized in breeding various species of insects.

Product Overview

Customization possible based on the environment
Vandalsoft’s insect breeding system serves as a fundamental device for indoor, container, and farm facilities in smart farming. It can be customized according to the farm environment, insect species, and specific purposes by adjusting the height and applying automation technology. Moreover, the system is equipped with TF controllers and LED sensors that detect changes in the internal environment, allowing data transmission to a remote control application.
Vandalsoft’s insect breeding rack is the base of smart farm facilities such as the container and the farm. It can be custom made depending on the environment of the farm, insect species, or the purpose by height adjustment and setting of the application range of the automation technology.

Also, TF-controller and LED Sensor can meausre the change of the environment and send the data to a remote control application.

Product Usage

Remote control possible through integration with the application
Integration with the application enables remote control functionality. The insect breeding system is seamlessly connected with the farm’s remote control application, called “Twinstar Farm – Connect.” This integration enables real-time monitoring of insect status and the internal environment of the breeding units. The system also facilitates remote management of water supply and light intensity control devices installed in the breeding system, ensuring an optimized breeding environment is maintained at all times.

The insect breeding rack is linked with the application ‘Twinstar Farm – Connect.’ The rack monitors the condition of insects and the environment of comparments. It can easily maintain the environment optimized for breeding by controlling water-supply and illuminance devices.